2R Music

2R Music facilitates artists and clients to hold physical events. We can consult for ideas, produce, promote shows and manage both onsite and online promotion. Our team works strategically to leverage powerful collaborations with other stars and brands to leap-frog the competition and efficiently provide a base for lucrative, long-term careers by focusing on branding.

Creation of Brands

Turning events into a brand

2R Music team creatively brand events for clients. Branding events is the key to success. Ultra Music Festival, SENSATION, Tokyo Girls Collection, etc. With supports of quality artists from 2R Agency roster, we create and establish branded events for our clients. We will also consult and custom make a long-term plan for development and growth with clear and realistic goals.

Promotion and Production of Shows


2R Music is responsible to realize the creative brand image into tangible and substantial shows/events. Starting from online offline promotion, our team strategically market the events to increase public awareness to an attractive brand that everybody want to be a part of. This includes managing their digital presence, designing their merchandise, executing PR campaigns, and connecting to strategic partnerships. 2R Music will then produce shows to meet the expectations; providing unforgettable experiences that all want to come back for next time.