2R Agency is the bridge between talents and promoters. We fulfill desires of both ends by finding right acts for all events. We handle the process of negotiation, signing of contracts and to managing artists until the very end of the shows. 2R Agency achieves this through cultural sensitivity and cross cultural experience. We excel at creating and maximizing opportunities.

2R Agency:

2R Agency serves our clients by leveraging our entire network to transform any booking into a fully branded, media-ready, multi-city international tour.


  • Talents get opportunities for performances & appearances
  • Talents get opportunities for campaigns & collaborations with other artists

Talent Buyer:

  • Talent Buyers gets opportunities to hold shows with artists & maximize public exposures
  • Talent Buyers get opportunities to have artists for marketing / PR / commercials / endorsements

Sponsor Companies:

  • Sponsor companies, with support of artists, get opportunities to brand their products through PR, commercials, endorsements, etc to increase public acknowledgment of products, creates value and ultimately increase sales.