Just 4 short years after launching, 2R International is positioned to become a market leader in the Asia Pacific (APAC) entertainment industry. Finding a niche in inbound and outbound APAC talent bookings and accelerating growth through events, projects, and venues, 2R International now controls the key assets necessary for its continued success.

  • 2011 1st Tour

    2R produces 1st concert tour.
  • 2013 Growth

    Doubled no. of full-time staff Expanded operations to South Korea, Thailand, China & Taiwan Recruited 9 APAC agents Signed 2 artists
  • 2014 Tour Complete

    Completed 16 Int’l Tours
  • 2017 Awards

    EXCELLENCE AWARDS Artists & Venues
  • 2020 Olympics

    2RI welcomes and entertains the globe

Entertains the globe

. By the time the 2020 Olympics arrives in Tokyo, 2R International will be more than ready to entertain the globe with its full compliment of artists, events, and venues.